Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!


Falkastrand 12 09 2015
Great event with your dog!


Quarterly report
109 dogs and 55 cats found new home and we performed 56 castration and 3 bone surgeries. 1450 people visited us. Children Faculty, Sunday Dog Walk, demonstrations in schools, training for stressful dogs, Dog School. That’s all- and a lot of other things- could fit into the first quarter of 2015.


Our lucky protegés
Some nice picture about our animals. They found lovely home in Germany. Thanks for our germen supporters!


Annual report
We found a new home for 483 dogs and 164 cats, saved 54 hurted wild animals, they are healthy and free again. We organised 111 different programmes, we were in different media 94 times, 6259 visitors was in the shelter, we investigated 36 animal welfare cases, we took 264 castrations, and 33 other surgeries, we used near 400 microchip, and cca. 2000 vaccine. It was shortly our year of 2014.