Móres needs your help!

I forward Little Tit's words! Please read it carefully and please help!

"When I've moved into my forever home I got a cat friend called Bandi. He was a beautiful red-white male.Yesterday me and my caregiver went to see the vet. If it is not necessary I rather don't go in there. I rather wait outside. But we had an urgent case. A beautiful  red and white male cat. Firstly I didn't like his smell but when I saw his beautiful coat...!

Then I've realized that he was hit by a car and he is in a huge pain. Despite of this I was totally surprised when he started purring for my caregiver even meanwhile getting the shot. Móres must be operated because only this way he has the chance for the full recovery. That was said by the vet called Dr. József Molnár. He looks nice and kind. Also agreed to pay a bit later because the shelter's account is totally empty at the beginning of the year. It is always a tough time of the year. The checking, test and surgery costs are 260 000 HUF. It is not easy to have that big amount of money but I'm sure that we have to help Móres.According all the test, X ray and the ultrasound results his lungs and heart are fine, intact.

I  don't understand much from these words but one thing I'm sure. This beautiful cat's life must be saved! But I need your help! PLEASE HELP!

The bank account number of the animal shelter is:

OTP 11736116-20084974-00000000

IBAN code: HU19 1173 6116 2008 4974 0000 0000