Lights for the animals in Fehérvár - marching with torches

Lights for the animals in Fehérvár - marching with torches

October is the month of animal rights but a real animal lover does something for them every day of the year like we work for them each day.

Come with us on the 7th of October and be the voice of those who can't talk for themselves!

The Dog Garden Dog Hotel and the HEROSZ Animal Shelter will welcome everybody on the 7th of October at 7 p.m

who think it is really important to pay more attention to animal rights and for the animals.

Please be there at 7 p.m in the parking area of Fehér Palota Üzletközpont (White Palace mall), Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

The most important part in the fight of giving more rights to animals is thru education.

This is why we educate children and had a drawing competition for them.

So at first we will celebrate the winner and give the prizes of this competition.

Then the march will begin where you can bring along your pet too!

The final destination of the march is the Magyar Király Szálló (Hungarian King Hotel), Székesfehérvár, where fire- and light artist will perform.

In the reason of World Animal Day is the opening of an exhibition of grand posters in the 2nd floor's corridor in Fehér Palota Üzletközpont.

Starts at 11.30 on 28th of September and they are out until of the 8th of October.