Dog Destiny nr. 2.

Scott has arrived as a 1 one year old, found dog in the January of 2013.

We put him to kennel nr. 4 and he lived here for a while around changing dog company. Dogs appeared and disappeared around him, he stayed.

He was a very alert and barking dog from the start, he was everywhere if there were just dogs.

If a human came to the view he pulled away and sometimes simply escaped from the situation. The sterilization did not change his behaviour neither. He has never been ill, never lose weight.

Few months ago we seperated him so we can take care of him alone, he is not a simple case.

He loves the food but he does not want to come closer to take it from us, he eats it when we are far away from him. He is still very alert and we could realize that he misses dog company but this is the only way we can handle him.

Évi is working together with him and if she has time she is just sitting next to him in the kennel and offer him some tiny bit. We could not take a walk or take him out of the kennel until now. But is seems like that slowly – very slowly – we can achieve a milestone with him.

Until this time if he saw a visitor he pulled away and barked. Now he sits next to the grid and wait. Last Saturday he allowed – to be honest it costs a half kilo salami – Évi to caress him. First just his head and after that his whole body! Évi was really happy and she can not wait to cuddle this dog. Until this happens the habituation is going on and maybe next time Évi can put the dog collar on. If Évi can take a walk with him the development will be more spectacular.
And after this success Scott just needs a real owner!

Scott the security dog

PS: on February we found a family for him!