Bogáncs is in a big trouble

It’s gonna be a long story, but we cannot tell this in just a few words. Every animal has its own story, which for us usually starts with the human irresponsibility, negligence or even wickedness and it is about pain and suffering. From our daily positive stories on facebook we can see that these journeys usually end well. Some have to wait for only a couple of weeks, some months, but there are others who wait for years (ei.: Igor found a lovely home after 3 years). With these daily inspirational stories we encourage Bogáncs and of course, ourselves...

Let’s start at the beginning:


Being scared of the fireworks Bogáncs runs for his life, a car hits him, someone finds him and we take him in. His jaw and his upper leg are broken… Because of his condition he had to wait almost two weeks to have the needed surgery. He was in pain but we tried to ease it for him with painkillers and tasty treats. His jaw has been sewed together but we had to amputate his front left leg due to the fact that his bones were crushed and some nerves have been damaged as well.

What makes things even worse is that his knee tendons are in bad condition, probably it has been like this for a long time now. He did not have a caring, loving owner, he did not even have the mandatory microchip, obviously no mandatory shots, so why bother with a bad knee? We could never understand why someone like this wants to have a dog. Bogáncs lives in quarantine for over a month now. At this point he knows we would like to help him, so usually he greets us with a wag of his tail rather than a growl coming from fear. He is trying to take short walks, but for now it feels strange for him that he misses one of his legs. Slowly he will get well enough so we can start to give him the mandatory vaccines and also pay more attention to his bad knees. The most important thing is that he began to put his trust in us and he has no pain at all. His appetite is not the best, he is pretty picky, but we are trying to give him delicious, quality food. We have faith that his new owner will come and love him as he deserves. We hope this idea is not a fairytale, although we believe in those too. Please root for Bogáncs!  

We covered the cost of his surgery from the January donation of our civil supporter group. If you would like to help his recovery you can support us by donating to:

IBAN: HU19117361162008497400000000


Thank you very much on behalf of Bogáncs!