Success Stories

Félőske in safe, she has a lovely home!
We received very good news about Félőske, who lived in our shelter so long. Her name means shy doggie, it is say everything about her.


Greetings from Pixi and Paxi
Pixi and Paxi now named Pünktchen and Fee. They are well and have got a nice familiy with a nice 8 years old girl.


Greetings from Calypso
We got nice photos from Calypso's owner. Calypso now called Bandit.


A new life of Kömény
Here are a few pictures from Komeny now Bella.


Wanderer the beagle finally reached his destination
"The new owner is really proud of her dog, who is reallly friendly with humans and dogs also. Wanderer is really enjoying long walks and this Lady doesn't need to feel lonely anymore."