Herosz Animal Shelter Catclub


'It’s obvious that cats have a sense of humour.  Every night – after carefully checking the fences of the neighbourhood, and stated that none of the dogs can come out – the cat sits down in the middle of the empty road, under the streetlights so it can be seen very well from every angle, and starts washing itself with the patience of a Buddhist. The dogs behind the fences go crazy, hauling, screaming, snarling, but the cat pretends like it cannot hear anything.'

/Peter Popper/

The HEROSZ Animal Shelter Cat Club was founded in 2011 aiming to help on the cats that get to the shelter, by finding a new home for them either temporary or permanent.

Our biggest work is in promoting and advertising the cats on the web, in social networks or on several events.

We regularly refresh the information of the new incomer cats or the already adopted cats.

Because cats aren’t easy to bring into public, we made leaflets with pictures of our cats which we can bring to the events and that help raising attention on our cats.

In 2011 we could find a new home for 109 cats which was a big result in that year, since there were less cats at the shelter like ever before.

In 2012 153 cats could move to their new and loving home. We hope in 2013 we can keep up or even get above this number.

We have a Temporary Receivers program, where there’s opportunity to take cats home for a short period of time, that helps for the Animal Shelter when we really get crowded.

We have a Cat House for the adult cats. It’s heated in winter and has a little outside place for the animals when they need fresh air.

There’s also a heated place with outside running area for the kittens separated and we have a small quarantine building for the cats that come in or are under treatment.

The cats that come to us get the vaccines and treatment they need and we try to neuter as many as we can.

Our aim in the forthcoming years is to find home to as many vaccinated and neutered cats as possible and also to find purr-fect cats to the loving owner that come to us to adopt a cat. :)

If you are interested and would like to join please e-mail us : macskaklub.heroszfehervar@gmail.com

Or check out our Facebook site.