Victims of Irresponsibility
Every day there are newcomers at the animal home, and all these homeless animals are the victims of human irresponsibility and neglect. Those, who know and understand animals’ needs and costs, could keep pets at home. If you decide to keep pets, you must care them until they are alive. Obviously, there are life-situations where owners cannot do anything else but say goodbye to the animals, though we have experienced that that people buy animals for just fun and without thinking about it and they regard them as objects.


We ask for help….
We speak in the name of some animals. They need a help due to an illness or behaviour problem.


Thank you for your gifts!
We get donation almost everyday for our animals. We would like to say a great thanks for all of our supporters!


XII. Open Day in our shelter
We organize Open Day on 9th and 10th of June. Programmes will start at 13.00 pm, every day.


Animal Rescue
Joseph, the lucky hare.