Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


October is the Month of Animal Welfare II.
Due to the World Animal Day in October, many schools organize programs in the animal home. The junior and senior students from Tolnai, Tóvárosi and Munkácsy schools visited our animal home. They did not arrive with empty pockets, the children brought presents, food and toys to the animals.


October is the month of animal welfare I.
The junior trainings started in October. Two teams (Széna téri and Teleki Szigeti utcai schools) had the topic of "Keeping animals in aquariums and terrariums" while three teams (Kossuth, Zentai and Hétvezér schools) learnt about "Keeping small pets inside home".


Report from our vet-section
20-30 castrations are usually performed a month, but there is a need for other types of operations in many case. The expensive operations are financially supported by Tierschutzprojekt Ungarn.


Farewell from summer
Here are rainy, murky, cloudy days. It is good to see the sunny summer's pictures. Our volunteers were active so much in this summer. Earlier news we wrote about sad animal's fate. These pictures will say about our work's beautiful moments.