Fundraising and adoption days at Auchan Chain Stores

Many years ago we are in a good partnership with the local Auchan Store. They often support our animals with dog/ cat food and they also support our events' success with different kind of donations. Beside of these they regularly invite us to show for their costumers the responsible way of keeping animals.

There was a donation collector box from the 30 of September to the 6th of October where anyone could place a donation for the sanctuary.

In the first three days our volunteers were on the spot too with some of our inhabitants.

The result in numbers: almost 600 kg food donation, 73.195 Hungarian Forints, our dog Töfi and one of our kitten Violi was adopted and our test about animal protection was filled by 115 persons. 


These events are so useful for more reasons. For our animals to get know many unknown things what they can't do in the shelter or they also can meet with many people so they can earn positive feedbacks from them. 

The fundraising event was started by Éva Friday morning. Kormi the dog was with her too who was a bit shy in the first two hours but then he gave shakes to everyone who petted him.

The young Maszlag was also insecure in this new environment but after a short while he happily went in and out in the automatic door. 

Barka is barking loudly and makes a lot of noise only in the well known shelter but in this new environment she was a different dog. Attached to only one tiny place but after a short while she started to be brave and wanted to go for shopping.

Miko was lovely right from the beginning. He loves children and always ready to earn new experiences. 

Ilka was sweet too. She enjoyed the lot of rubbings and crowd but after a while her jealous personality showed up and she wanted  everything for herself. 

The star of the day was Violi the CAT who made her reception for the fans lying on the table. She wasn't bothered by the dogs, crowd or noises. When she saw a person coming she suddenly closed her eyes and waited for the pet. Then she kindly pushed the test paper to front of the people. 

These fundraising events are so important for the shelter. We can broadcast our needs (beside of food) we need medications, detergents and so much other small things. We can talk about the voluntary work and the shelter's operation. The third most important thing is shaping the point of view about animal rights, welfare. We always point out and emphasize the importance of the prevention.

We can also show that our animals (just like any other animal) are also friendly, easy to teach them and capable to live together with us when we care of them enough. 

On Saturday we continued the fundraising event with other animals and other volunteers.  Töfi the happy pup charmed everyone! He even didn't come back with us to the shelter but after some lovely moments he was adopted and went home with his new family! 

Málna (Raspberry) is a happy little thing she is always opened to get know new things. She is a huge fan of people so she enjoyed the whole day right from the first moment. 

Tekergő is also a young doggie who was so excited about the lot of rubs and care.

 And thank to you the donations just went more and more!


On Sunday we returned back again with Kormi, Maszlag, Tekergő (the dogs) , Violi (the cat) and a newcomer Drun. At the beginning he was a little shy but after a short while he happily went around.

Violi had many fans. People came to rub her immediately when they realized her on the table lying calm and waiting to be rubbed. She didn't care too much with the doggies around, the crowd or noises. At the end she was also adopted and went home with her new family.

We can say that this event was successful! Many people came by to see the animals and meanwhile talk with us. They talked about their animals. Some of them was adopted from us so we were so happy to hear about them!

The fundraising days went on and at the end of the event we got many cat/ dog dry food and canes too. 

We Thank to Store Auchan for the great possibility!

And thank you to all who helped our work with the donations!