Dog walking event on Sundays

Dog walking event on Sundays

If somebody looks at the photos made during the walks only can see happy smiling people and even more happier satisfied dogs. Behind the programme there is a very hard work. The strict rules of the walk are not by chance and they serve both for the men and dogs. We organize already for 10 years these walks the experiences are being collected because there are only a few weekends when the walk will be cancelled because of a programme or the weather. This magnificed programme shows the commitment of our volunteers and also the fact that we still next to the walks can take part in other programmes, too.


The walk will so be preapred that the experienced volunteers discuss if they are enough to drive the day as ones responsible for the walk. We cannot let anybody into the kennels because it requires a lot of caution and experiences to let the animals in and out. The supply with the collar is the next important task. If the collar is loose the neck of the animal can slip out of it under the walk. As he doesn't know the walker and he is in increased mood he can get into trouble. When the animal gets the collar gets also a kennel number. It makes driving back without any confusion possible.


The animals know already in advance that the walk is coming soon they are very excited that's why one cannot go into the backyard the time of start and packing. The rules of the walk can be read on the home page and we send them always in the walk mails. We don't talk by chance about the rules and all the visitors have to follow the rules of the animals' house. If somebody doesn't these rules it not a problem but he has to listen to the workers and volunteers.

Bald and Jódli

One mustn't forget that there isn't a permament pack in the kennels of the animal home. The dogs will be changed, fortunately there are a lot of adoptions. One of the animals spend weeks the other one maybe a months at our home but his mates steadily change. Unfortunately the line of the animals turned out and bored is endless so new and new animals get into the kennels weekly. The workers and volunteers know the animals well but the animal getting out of the quarantine changes a lot. The old animal has such a good time under the walk like the young one.

Maszat's joy

You have to present yourself onto the walk on the e-mail address: It has also a simple cause. We can inform the inquirers if we have a walk or not.


It's important that the person who would like to attend the walk should be there in good time because the volunteers bring dogs out in an appropriate number according to the applicants. If the walk has started you cannot later join.


The volunteers always take watering dishes and water with because in the high hot weather they have to give water to the animals. At the home they always have drinking water and drink then when they would like to drink and as much as they would like to drink.

Kadiz and Nokedli drink out of the same dish

The walk is a spring of pleasure both for people and animals. We colud speak about the beneficial results of the open air and movement. But it means much more the confidence with the animals receive everybody and it's all the same who gets that week the end of the lead and they are simply grateful. Under the walk they can get to know each other and their environment and they collect a lot of new smells and stimuli. That's why not the people walking choose an animal  the walkers walk every time with an other animal.

Coming back from the walk a lot of people remain and put the fur of the animals in order.

If it's very hot in summer we walk in a short circle only then bath and staying in the pool come.

After the walk the volunteers and visitors sit also to the cats and deal with them also.

The walk is a very good time for persons who hadn't hold dogs until now but consider to adopt one. They can know here the dogs dabble in everything with holding of a dog.


The responsible parents take the children with and they walk together. The child can learn a lot. The dog is a living being has a will of own the children can survive the pleasure of giving and donation. The animals are very grateful.

Kadiz and Flipy

We are also very grateful to the volunteers for it that this manificient porgramme will from week to week realised giving so a lot of pleasure to the dogs and we thank to everybody who each times joins the keen team.