Closer to the citizens - program series for responsible pet keeping

Dates, places and topics:

Opening ceremony - 02.05.2014 (Friday) 9.30; Alba Plaza
Topic: Introducing the program series and the importance of the tax 1% donations for the Animal Shelter
14.06.2014 - As part of the Week of the Books Celebration in the city centre
Topic: Issues of the stray cats - do's and don'ts
12.07.2014 - Alba Plaza Square
Topic: Special pets in our every days - hamsters, ferrets, reptiles
16.08.2014 - Alba Plaza Square
"Dark angels" - the unnecessary discrimination of the black dogs and cats (also the day of the homeless animals)
We're trying to make black, old or injured animals more popular for people who want to adopt pets.
20.09.2014 - At the "Lecsó" festival
Everthing you want to know about the Public Service 
In Hungary grammar school kids are required to serve 50 hours of public service/volunteering to be able to complete their education and GCSE.
We are trying to give all the information what school kids can do at our animal shelter to complete these 50 hours.